Temporary or Transitional? – Migrant Workers’ Experiences with Permanent Residence in Canada

Although more and more temporary migrant workers are becoming permanent residents in Canada, their experience with immigration opportunities remains under-studied. This study aims to fill that gap by examining the lived experience of migrant workers — in skilled and low-skilled occupations — who transition to permanent residence   Click here to read the report

Shifting Workforce Development into High Gear

 Workforce development is the next wave of economic development. The overwhelming opinion of the private sector is that businesses grow and prosper where there is a talented, well-suited workforce. Learning to partner with Workforce Investment Boards (WIBs) and education to create this workforce is not an option for economic developers; it is a new requirement … Read more

NYC Center for Economic Opportunity Independent Evaluation – Sector-Focused Career Centers Evaluation: Effects on Employment and Earnings After One Year

  Sectoral employment has emerged as an innovative approach to workforce development in which unemployed and underskilled workers are provided with services and training needed to fill positions in sectors with high growth potential. This report examines the sectoral employment initiative sponsored and managed by the New York City (NYC) Department of Small Business Services … Read more

ESCALATOR – Jobs for Youth Facing Barriers – Companies and Youth Moving Up in the World

  A region where all young people thrive, and where their talents and drive contribute to the regional economy. That’s our vision for the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA). But we are facing a harsh reality – as many as 83,000 youth in the GTHA are not in education, employment or training. While our … Read more

Moving Forward Together: An Employer Perspective on the Design of Skills Training Programs in Ontario

This report presents the business perspective on the steps the Government of Ontario can take as it evolves the province’s suite of training and employment services. Specifically, this report makes five recommendations that, if taken, will go a long way in ensuring employer-driven training and employment programs, such as the Canada-Ontario Job Grant, are a … Read more

Big Data for Public Good: A Primer (Mar 2014)

ICE Research Series Report prepared by Nordicity ‘Big data’ and ‘analytics’ are watchwords of the present era of information explosion and connectivity. The increased use of big data should help evidence-based decision-making in public and private arenas, provided that the data is accurate, accessible, and used correctly. Big data can be marshalled into the service … Read more

Redesigning Collaboration: Opportunities for Innovation in Toronto’s Labour Market (Apr 2014)

ICE Research Series Report by Jill Shirey and Serene Tan of the Mowat Centre This report focuses on the experiences of those with direct knowledge of the challenges as well as of the supports available: youth and new immigrant job seekers, employment service providers, and employers. A total of 54 individual, semi-structured interviews and two focus groups were … Read more

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