Toronto as a Global City: Scorecard on Prosperity 2014 (Feb 2014)

Report from The Toronto Region Board of Trade
The Board’s annual Scorecard, produced with the generous support of Certified Professional Accountants of Ontario over the past six years, offers a comprehensive overview of how the Toronto region performs among 24 international areas on key measures of economic performance and liveability. Scorecard has become the backbone of our advocacy outreach, recognized for its superior economic data analysis of the performance of other city-regions.Our reports over the past six years have provided a look back at the region’s performance. Our Scorecard 2013¬†provided the foundation for our regional Cluster Strategy Initiative.In this, a pivotal election year, Scorecard on Prosperity 2014 looks ahead, providing two potential future pictures of our region’s economy in 2035: a “good enough” forecast based on a business-as-usual approach assuming historic trends in public investments, infrastructure development and business planning; and a competitive forecast that takes us from “good enough” to “great” by making strategic investments and tough choices that will enhance the region’s global competitiveness.

Scorecard 2014 demonstrates what choosing the path to “great” means for all of us and provides a tool for evaluating the platforms of mayoral candidates and provincial parties in addressing the region’s economic and competitive challenges.

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