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  • ICE Research

    In line with ICE’s mandate, the Committee identifies research projects that can inform the economic and labour force development activities of the three governments in Toronto. Starting in 2010, the committee posted two research opportunities on its website and selected external experts to prepare summary reports. The first two research projects were completed in spring 2011 and are posted below. The Committee will continue to identify research that is timely and useful to our stakeholders, and post contract research opportunities as they arise. In all cases reports reflect the views of the researchers and not necessarily of ICE or its members.


    NEW!!!! – Upcoming ICE Research Opportunity

    The Intergovernmental Committee for Economic and Labour Force Development (ICE) is seeking applications from qualified individuals, organizations and firms to explore the impact international students are having on Toronto’s economy, society and post-secondary education infrastructure.

    Click here for more details!

    Submission Deadline: Friday, October 6, 2017, 5:00 PM



    ICE Research Series Reports:

    MARCH 2015:

    Labour Market Information in the Greater Toronto Area: Getting Behind the Numbers – Prepared by Tom Zizys

    APRIL 2014:

    redesigningRedesigning Collaboration: Opportunities for Innovation in Toronto’s Labour Market
    Prepared by Jill Shirey and Serene Tan, Mowat Centre


    MARCH 2014:

    bigdataprimerBig Data for Public Good: A Primer
    Prepared by Nordicity


    APRIL 2012:

    Rowing Together: Best Practices for the Regional Coordination of Economic Development in the Toronto Region
    Prepared by Tom Zizys, Employment, Housing, Community Development and International Development Consultant

    FEBRUARY 2011:

    Toronto Community Hub Profiles 2010-2011 ♦  Community Hubs: A Scan of Toronto – Summary Report
    Prepared by WoodGreen Community Services, Planning and Research Unit

    AUGUST 2011:

    Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics: A Critical Examination of City Ranking Studies ♦ City Rankings – Summary Report
    Prepared by Zack Taylor, Metapolis Consulting