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In line with ICE’s mandate, the Committee periodically identifies research projects that can inform the economic and labour force development activities of the three orders of government in Toronto. External experts are hired to undertake the research projects after the Committee invites and reviews competitive proposals. Invitations to submit proposals are posted on this website and are promoted through various researcher and consultant networks.

People interested in being notified about future opportunities can email .

The research reports completed for the Committee are posted below. In all cases, the reports reflect the views of the researchers and not necessarily those of ICE or its members. 

Feel welcome to download the Committee’s research reports.  When quoting from or referencing any of the material, please include “Research report funded by the ICE Committee” and provide report URL.

Call for Proposals

Stay tuned for information about the Committee’s next research opportunity, most likely to be posted in mid-2024.  Email if you would like to receive notification.

Current Research

Remote Work – Urban Panacea or Curse? – by Drs. Shauna Brail and Tara Vinodrai, University of Toronto

This research project is underway.  We anticipate publishing the results and report in the second quarter of 2024.  In the meantime, email if you would like any additional information.

ICE Research Series Reports

March 2023

Best Practices in Supporting International Students Enrolled in Toronto-area Colleges – prepared by Dr. Marshia Akbar

March 2022

The Gig Economy and its Effects on Racialized and Immigrant Populations in Toronto – prepared by MDB Insight

March 2021

Advancing a Workforce Development Agenda for Toronto – Prepared by Tom Zizys

March 2020

Use of Labour Market Information (LMI) by Students and Newcomers – Prepared by MDB Insight

March 2019

Immigrants and the Creative Economy – Prepared by Nordicity

  • Report
  • Service database   Resources available to assist creative workers navigate the sector in Toronto as of April 2019. 
    • These resources are provided for convenient reference only. The ICE Committee is not responsible for the accuracy of the information nor for the quality of services provided. 

June 2018
Growing Impact – Post Secondary International Students in Toronto – Prepared by Sarah Wayland and Ilene Hyman

September 2017
Finding the Right Ingredients: Labour Market Considerations for the Food and Beverage Processing Sector – Prepared by Toronto Workforce Innovation Group

March 2016:

Bridging the Gap: A Study on Best Practices in Industry-Academia Partnerships – Prepared by Dr. Lok P. Bhattarai

March 2015:
Labour Market Information in the Greater Toronto Area: Getting Behind the Numbers – Prepared by Tom Zizys

April 2014:
Redesigning Collaboration: Opportunities for Innovation in Toronto’s Labour Market Prepared by Jill Shirey and Serene Tan, Mowat Centre

March 2014:
Big Data for Public Good: A Primer
Prepared by Nordicity

April 2012:
Rowing Together: Best Practices for the Regional Coordination of Economic Development in the Toronto Region Prepared by Tom Zizys, Employment, Housing, Community Development and International Development Consultant

February 2011:
Toronto Community Hub Profiles 2010-2011 ♦  Community Hubs: A Scan of Toronto – Summary Report
Prepared by WoodGreen Community Services, Planning and Research Unit

August 2011:
Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics: A Critical Examination of City Ranking Studies ♦ City Rankings – Summary Report
Prepared by Zack Taylor, Metapolis Consulting

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