NRC Concierge Service

 Concierge Service helps SMEs access available government programs in a one-stop shop.  It will guide canadian SMEs’ to R&D support.

Personalized assistance

Through Concierge Advisors, the Concierge Service will assist small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in navigating the many available innovation resources and support programs offered by the government and selecting the right options to meet their needs, to ensure their growth.

Concierge Advisors, located across Canada, will provide one-on-one assistance and will use their wealth of industry experience and depth of knowledge to help guide clients to the most appropriate innovation programs and services available. Concierge Advisors have extensive networks and expertise, as well as knowledge about a range of industrial sectors for clients to benefit from. The entire service is intended to provide clients with simple, facilitated access to the most appropriate information and services to reach their desired objectives and tap into their potential.

How to access the service

The Concierge Service website ( offers SMEs the ability to search for and access relevant programs and resources. The search engine yields results tailored to the users’ needs, geographic location, and industry sector.

For a more customized assistance based on their individual needs, businesses are encouraged to contact the Concierge Service Client Contact Centre at 1-855-53-GUIDE.

Service implementation

The bilingual Concierge Service is delivered by the National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC-IRAP) in collaboration with over 40 federal and provincial partners.

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