Paradox Lost: Explaining Canada’s Research Strength and Innovation Weakness (Oct 2013)

Report from the Council of Canadian Academics completed by Marcel Côté, Bob Fessenden and Peter Nicholson.

Since 2006, the Council has completed seven expert panel assessments analyzing in great depth Canada’s performance in science and technology, and innovation. The Council initiated a review of these reports in an effort to better understand the trends and insights that exist among them. Paradox Lost: Explaining Canada’s Research Strength and Innovation Weakness was prepared by a three-member expert advisory group, and provides a concise and articulate synthesis based on several reports.

Paradox Lost examines two questions that have been of perennial concern to Canadian policy-makers, industry leaders, and economists alike: (i) Why has Canada’s research excellence not translated into more business innovation?, and (ii) How has Canada’s economy sustained relative prosperity despite weak innovation and correspondingly feeble productivity growth? In their examination of these questions, the report’s authors consider the complex ways in which research leads to innovation, and the factors that motivate Canadian business strategy. As such, the report explores Canada’s current paradox and identifies four megatrends that will pose challenges for Canadian businesses in the years to come.

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