The State of Industrial Research and Development in Canada (Aug 2013)

Report from the Expert Panel on the State of Industrial Research and Development.
The Expert Panel on the State of Industrial R&D was chaired by Kathleen Sendall, Director, CGG; Director of Enmax Corporation; Vice Chair, Alberta Innovates – Energy and Environment Solutions. For a complete list of panel members visit the Expert Panel on the State of Industrial R&D page.
Research Summary

The Minister of Industry, on behalf of Industry Canada, asked the Council of Canadian Academies to assess industrial research and development (IR&D) in Canada.

To conduct this assessment the Council assembled a 14-member expert panel who met over the course of 14 months to consider the most relevant evidence possible.

The report, The State of Industrial R&D in Canada, provides an in-depth analysis of research and development activities in Canadian industries and is one of the most detailed and systematic studies of the state of IR&D ever undertaken in Canada.

While many reports have documented Canada’s historical weakness in industrial R&D, the Panel’s report sheds new light on the subject by examining areas of strength and how these strengths are distributed regionally. The report also examines the alignment of IR&D strengths with Canada’s areas of excellence in science and technology research and economic performance.  Barriers and gaps that limit the translation of Canada’s S&T strengths into innovation and wealth creation are also identified.

One chapter assesses provincial and regional distribution of IR&D activity and strength.

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