Temporary or Transitional? – Migrant Workers’ Experiences with Permanent Residence in Canada

Although more and more temporary migrant workers are becoming permanent residents in Canada, their experience with immigration opportunities remains under-studied. This study aims to fill that gap by examining the lived experience of migrant workers — in skilled and low-skilled occupations — who transition to permanent residence   Click here to read the report

Shifting Workforce Development into High Gear

 Workforce development is the next wave of economic development. The overwhelming opinion of the private sector is that businesses grow and prosper where there is a talented, well-suited workforce. Learning to partner with Workforce Investment Boards (WIBs) and education to create this workforce is not an option for economic developers; it is a new requirement … Read more

Interpreter Services Toronto, Barbra Schlifer Clinic

Interpreter Services Toronto provides a 24-hour, 7-days a week Interpreter Service in the Greater Toronto Area.  Trained, professional community interpreters provide services. Web site: http://www.schliferclinic.com/schliferClinic.html PARTNERS: Ministry of Community and Social Services City of Toronto United Way Toronto COMMUNITY CONTACT: Nora Angeles Manager 416-323-9149 ext 245 GOVERNMENT CONTACTS: Sally Bryant City of Toronto (416) 397-4197 … Read more

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