Canada Small Business Financing Program

The Canada Small Business Financing Program seeks to increase the availability of loans for establishing, expanding, modernizing and improving small businesses. It does this by encouraging financial institutions to make their financing available to small businesses. Under the Program, a small business must apply for a loan at a financial institution (bank, credit union or … Read more

Automotive Innovation Fund

“The Automotive Innovation Fund (AIF) will provide automotive firms $250 million over five years to support strategic, large-scale research and development (R&D) projects to build innovative, greener, more fuel-efficient vehicles. The AIF will support Canada’s environmental agenda in advancing Canadian capabilities in fuel-efficient automotive technologies and greenhouse gas reduction. Under the AIF, Industry Canada will … Read more


BizPaL is an online service that simplifies the business permit and license process for entrepreneurs, governments, and third party business service providers.  Easy and convenient, BizPaL provides Canadian businesses with one-stop access to permit and license information for all levels of government.

SME Benchmarking Tool

SME Benchmarking Tool (formerly Performance Plus) offers industry-specific income statement and balance sheet data for small and medium sized businesses. SME Benchmarking Tool allows you to: Estimate the operating costs for your new business View financial performance averages in your industry Enter your own financial data to see how your business measures up to comparably … Read more

Small Business Research and Policy

Small Business Research and Policy is a small business resource site that includes an extensive collection of Industry Canada research on small business and entrepreneurship, together with links to other sites, as well as comprehensive statistics on Canadian small businesses.

NUANS® Name Search System

NUANS® Name Search System  is a computerized search system that compares a proposed corporate name or trade-mark with databases of existing corporate bodies and trade-marks. This comparison determines the similarity that exists between the proposed name or mark and existing names in the database, and produces a listing of names that are found to be … Read more

Corporations Canada

Corporations Canada allows Canadians and businesses to incorporate at the federal level in accordance with Canadian laws, such as the Canada Business Corporations Act, the Canada Corporations Act, the Boards of Trade Act and the Canada Cooperative Associations Act, regulations and several corporate laws governing federal companies (with the exception of financial intermediaries). It also … Read more

Computers for Schools Program

The Computers for Schools program in Ontario (CFSO) is administered by Renewed Computer Technology (RCT). The Computers for Schools Ontario program’s primary focus of providing renewed technology, skill development opportunities and environmental leadership delivers triple bottom line community benefits: social, economic and environmental. Firstly, the program helps to meet the demand for computers in the … Read more

Networks of Centres of Excellence Program (NCE)

NCE fosters powerful partnerships between university, government, and industry. Networks of Centres of Excellence funded by the program are designed to develop Canada’s economy and improve the quality of life of Canadians. The program provides funding to invest in national research networks, determined by open and targeted competitions. See  for more information. GOVERNMENT CONTACT: Lyne … Read more

Communications Research Centre – Innovation Centre (CRC)

For more than 30 years, the Communications Research Centre (CRC) has been the leading federal government laboratory for advanced communications R&D. CRC believes that business success starts with access to technologies, facilities and expertise. CRC is committed to helping small and medium-sized high-tech companies make the Canadian economy strong. The CRC Innovation Centre is a great … Read more

Canada Foundation for Innovation

The Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) is an independent corporation created by the Government of Canada to fund research infrastructure. The CFI’s mandate is to strengthen the capacity of Canadian universities, colleges, research hospitals, and non-profit research institutions to carry out world-class research and technology development that benefits Canadians.  Support from the CFI enables institutions … Read more


Energy Efficiency Program: The program seeks to integrate energy efficiency/renewable energy technologies into infrastructure projects. Large Energy Projects: Funded initiatives will facilitate the engagement of Aboriginal peoples and northerners in energy-related activities, and implement renewable energy technologies and alternative energy technologies for economic development. Must have verifiable GHG and CAC emissions reductions. For more information … Read more

Aboriginal Business Canada (ABC)

Aboriginal Business Canada is a program of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (AANDC). Working with clients and partners, they provide a range of services and support that is helping to promote the growth of a strong Aboriginal business sector in Canada. Support varies depending upon the needs of the client, the availability, and sources … Read more

Procurement Strategy for Aboriginal Business (PSAB)

The PSAB works to help Aboriginal firms do more contracting with all federal government departments and agencies and assists Aboriginal businesses gain access to the overall procurement process. The PSAB, while led by Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development (AAND) Canada , is a Government of Canada initiative. All federal government departments and agencies are encouraged to participate … Read more

Aboriginal Employment Program (AEP)

Helping to create employment opportunities for Aboriginal people is one of the ways Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (AANDC) fulfills its mandate to improve the quality of life of Aboriginal peoples and their communities.  AANDC makes it easier for employers to access qualified Aboriginal candidates.  This in turn, increases Aboriginal employment opportunities, helps employers … Read more

Legal Excellence Program

The Legal Excellence Program, which is offered in two phases, provides employment opportunities to law students, articling law students, and junior lawyers and notaries.

Apprenticeship Completion Grant (ACG)

The Apprenticeship Completion Grant (ACG) is a $2,000 taxable cash grant designed to encourage apprentices registered in a designated Red Seal trade to complete their apprenticeship program and receive their certification. The completion grant will be offered to apprentices who complete their training, become certified journeypersons in a designated Red Seal trade and who obtain … Read more

Apprenticeship Incentive Grant (AIG)

The Apprenticeship Incentive Grant (AIG) is a taxable cash grant available to registered apprentices once they have successfully completed their first or second year/level (or equivalent) of an apprenticeship program in one of the Red Seal trades. Here is the Red Seal trade designation by province or territory. Apprentices should be aware that there is … Read more

Youth Eco Internship Program

This program, offered by the YMCA Canada and the YWCA Canada, will place up to 1000 unemployed young Canadians on paid three to twelve month internships with not-for-profit, charitable, cooperative and/or voluntary organizations across Canada. For more information and to apply: click on Youth Eco Internship Program

Service Canada Centres for Youth

Service Canada Centres for Youth (SCCY) offer a number of services specially designed to help students find a job, including detailed job postings in a variety of fields, many links to employers, useful information on workplace health and safety and other government programs and services. For more information, visit a Service Canada Centre for Youth … Read more


Work sharing is an adjustment program designed to help employers and employees avoid temporary layoffs when there is a reduction in the normal level of business activity that is beyond the control of the employer. The measure provides income support to employees eligible for Employment Insurance benefits who work a temporarily reduced work-week. Work-Sharing Agreements … Read more

Canada Summer Jobs

Canada Summer Jobs is an initiative of the Summer Work Experience program. It provides funding for not-for-profit organizations, public-sector employers, and small businesses with 50 or fewer employees to create high-quality summer job opportunities for students between the ages of 15 and 30. Canada Summer Jobs is about: • providing work experiences for students • … Read more

Resources for Canadian Small Businesses

This page provides information on a number of programs and services that the federal government has introduced to improve the viability of small businesses. It provides important links for accessing services and important information about these programs. The following link allows business owners to select the service or program of their choice and search resources … Read more

Federal Public Service Youth Internship Program

This program offers youth  the chance to gain real work experience within the Government of Canada and can help them develop employability skills. These internships are offered across Canada in a wide variety of fields, such as agriculture, arts, administration, and the environment. There are opportunities available to suit various interests and career goals—even for youth without previous work experience. … Read more

Homelessness Partnership Strategy (HPS)

The Homelessness Partnering Strategy (HPS) is a community-based program that relies on communities to determine their own needs and to develop appropriate projects. The HPS works to prevent and reduce homelessness across Canada through: investments in transitional and supportive housing through a housing-first approach; support to community-based efforts to prevent and reduce homelessness; partnerships between … Read more

Youth Awareness Program

The Youth Awareness initiative provides financial assistance to applicants for the design of projects that address labour market issues facing youth in their community. Funding may be used to develop and implement human resources strategies that address the current and future work-force needs of the contribution recipient. Youth Awareness focuses on two national priorities: skills … Read more

Federal Youth Employment Strategy

The Youth Employment Strategy is the Government of Canada’s commitment to help young people, particularly those facing barriers to employment, get the information and gain the skills, work experience and abilities they need to make a successful transition into the labour market. About the Youth Employment Strategy The Youth Employment Strategy is comprised of three … Read more

Youth Awareness Program – Skills Link

Skills Link helps youth facing barriers to employment develop the broad range of skills, knowledge and work experience they need to participate in the job market. Through Skills Link, advisors help youth develop an employment action plan that might include a selection of programs/services tailored to meet individual needs and goals. For more information, visit … Read more

Youth Awareness Program – Career Focus

Career Focus provides post-secondary graduates with career-related work opportunities in Canada and abroad to help them acquire advanced skills and become leaders in their fields. Career Focus offers post-secondary graduates activities that include workshops/seminars on advanced employment skills, coaching support and mentoring opportunities. Career Focus links highly skilled young people with potential employers to provide both … Read more

Sector Council Program (SCP)

Through the Sector Council Program, the Government of Canada is working with the private sector to enhance adult workers’ skills through activities such as increasing employer investments in skills development and promoting workplace learning and training. Website: GOVERNMENT CONTACT: Paula Clayton Manager, Labour Market Partnerships HRSDC – Ontario Region (416) 954-7327

Opportunities Fund for Persons with Disabilities

Program helps persons with disabilities to prepare for, obtain and keep employment or self-employment, supports activities including encouraging employers to hire workers with disabilities, increasing the employment skills of persons with disabilities, providing work experience and assisting individuals with starting their own business. It works in partnership with organizations for persons with disabilities to support … Read more

Temporary Foreign Worker Program

Every year, Canadian employers hire thousands of foreign workers to help address skill and labour shortages. Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC) and Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) work to ensure that the employment of foreign workers supports economic growth and helps create more opportunities for all Canadians. For information to prospective employers of … Read more

Multilateral Framework for Labour Market Agreements for Persons with Disabilities

The program’s objective is to enhance the employability of persons with disabilities to increase the employment opportunities available to persons with disabilities and to build on the existing knowledge base. The following services are available under this program: Education and Training: Improve the level of basic and post-secondary education and work-related skills for persons with disabilities. Employment … Read more

Aboriginal Skills and Employment Training Strategy (ASETS)

Using an integrated approach, ASETS links aboriginal youth’s training needs to labour market demands, providing them with training or skills upgrading and with help finding a job. For more information, please visit . GOVERNMENT CONTACT: Valery Catchpole Service Canada – Ontario Region (416) 954-7211

Foreign Credential Referral Office

The Foreign Credential Referral Office makes skilled newcomers and potential immigrants know if they are ready to work in Canada, the challenges they may face when trying to get a job and the  documents they may need. There is more information at

Canadian Experience Class

This program assists temporary foreign workers  or foreign students who graduated in Canada to make a transition from temporary to permanent residence. For application guides , information and forms, please visit .

Occupation Specific Language Training

Citizenship and Immigration Canada has funded 13 colleges across Ontario to offer occupation-specific language training courses at no cost to newcomers who • have training or experience in a specific occupation or sector but need to improve occupation-specific communication skills • have language proficiency at Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) levels 6 to 8 in at … Read more

Foreign Credential Recognition

The Foreign Credential Recognition (FCR) program is one of the key components of the government’s Internationally Trained Workers Initiative. This initiative is an integrated, comprehensive strategy in which over 14 federal departments work together to address the barriers to working in Canada that internationally trained workers face. Through the FCR program, the Government of Canada … Read more

ICE Committee