Multilateral Framework for Labour Market Agreements for Persons with Disabilities

The program’s objective is to enhance the employability of persons with disabilities to increase the employment opportunities available to persons with disabilities and to build on the existing knowledge base. The following services are available under this program:

  • Education and Training: Improve the level of basic and post-secondary education and work-related skills for persons with disabilities.
  • Employment Participation: Improve the labour market situation and independence of persons with disabilities through employment-related activities.
  • Employment Opportunities: Expand the availability, accessibility and quality of employment opportunities for persons with disabilities, in partnership with business and labour.
  • Connecting Employers and Persons with Disabilities: Enhance awareness of the abilities and availability of persons with disabilities and strengthen persons with disabilities’ knowledge of labour market opportunities.
  • Building Knowledge: Enhance the knowledge base, which contributes to continuous improvement of labour market policies and programs for persons with disabilities

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