Canada Foundation for Innovation

The Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) is an independent corporation created by the Government of Canada to fund research infrastructure. The CFI’s mandate is to strengthen the capacity of Canadian universities, colleges, research hospitals, and non-profit research institutions to carry out world-class research and technology development that benefits Canadians.  Support from the CFI enables institutions to set their own research priorities in response to areas of importance to . This allows researchers to compete with the best from around the world, and helps to position in the global, knowledge-based economy.

CFI support is intended to:

  •  strengthen ‘s capacity for innovation;
  • attract and retain highly skilled research personnel in ;
  • stimulate the training of Highly Qualified Personnel through research;
  • promote networking, collaboration, and multidisciplinary among researchers, institutions, and sectors;
  • ensure the optimal use of research infrastructure within and among Canadian institutions.

The research enabled by CFI support is also creating the necessary conditions for sustainable, long-term economic growth, including the creation of spin-off ventures and the commercialization of discoveries, and supporting improvements to society, quality of life, health, the environment, and public policy. Visit for more information.

Pierre Norman, Vice President External Relations & Communications

Canada Foundation for Innovation

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