Investment Cooperation Program (INC)

The program supports responsible, developmentally beneficial, private sector engagement in developing countries leading to sustained economic growth and poverty reduction. May provide cost-shared contributions of up to 75% for eligible activities across the four phases of an investment: • Commercial Viability Study • Adaptation and Demonstration of Technology • Sustainability • Implementation • For more … Read more Investment Cooperation Program (INC)

Global Commerce Support Program

The Global Commerce Support Program(GCSP) is a contribution program that amalgamates three funding programs for Canadian national associations, communities, companies and researchers. Associations Global Opportunities for Associations (GOA) For Canadian national associations seeking to undertake new or expanded international business development activities, in strategic markets and sectors, for the benefit of an entire industry (member … Read more Global Commerce Support Program

Canadian Commercial Corporation (CCC)

CCC gives Canadian businesses access to international opportunities. The Corporation facilitates trade with buyers in other countries—primarily in public-sector markets. It levels the playing field for Canada’s exporters and plays a broad role in the Government of Canada’s public policy agenda. For more details please visit: Government Contact: CANADIAN COMMERCIAL CORPORATION Head Office T: (613) … Read more Canadian Commercial Corporation (CCC)

Export Source

Export Source is a website developed by Team Canada Inc. to provide information to aspiring and experienced exporters on resources for building export capability, including training and sources of assistance. It is Canada’s most comprehensive source of export information and practical tool for new and experienced exporters. For more details, please visit: Export Source CONTACT:  1-888-576-4444

[Export USA – A] Exporters to the United States (EXTUS)

Offers sector-specific training sessions at border locations lasting one to three days that include a briefing on exporting and export services and programs available in Canada. The training sessions are run together with trade shows, thus providing networking opportunities to potential Canadian exporters. GOVERNMENT CONTACT: See Export USA for contact

Export USA

The program supports the efforts of Team Canada Inc. partners to increase the number of active Canadian exporters to the United States. It provides export familiarization and education as a general introduction for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). It is provided in three components: Exporters to the United States (EXTUS), New Exporters to Border States (NEBS) and Reverse … Read more Export USA

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