Investing in Women’s Futures

Through the Investing in Women’s Futures program, the OWD supports 26 women’s centres in communities across Ontario to provide programs and services to prevent violence against women and promote women’s economic independence. Through this program, the women’s centres deliver the following activities to support women in developing skills and abilities to reduce their vulnerability to … Read more Investing in Women’s Futures

Women’s Economic Independence

The Ontario Women’s Directorate, in partnership with ACTEW: A Commitment to Training and Employment for Women, has expanded and revised the guide to career awareness resources for girls and women. Shortcuts to Career Development Resources for Girls and Women is now available in both English and French and includes new sections with on-line resources and … Read more Women’s Economic Independence

Global Experience Ontario

Global Experience Ontario is an access and resource centre for the internationally trained. It can help internationally trained and educated individuals find out how to qualify for professional practice in Ontario. This one-stop centre offers a range of services for internationally educated individuals. For more information, please visit:

Ontario is a web site provided by the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration that helps newcomers find the information they need, before and after they arrive in Ontario. gives information about living, working, doing business, and studying in Ontario. It helps newcomers learn about Ontario’s people and culture, weather and geography, and cities and … Read more Ontario

Opportunities Ontario: Provincial Nomineee Program

Opportunities Ontario is an immigration program that makes it easier for employers to get the highly skilled employees they need to compete. It also helps attract investment and creates jobs here in Ontario. It is an employer-driven program that facilitates the immigration process to help employers obtain workers for professional, managerial and skilled trades positions. … Read more Opportunities Ontario: Provincial Nomineee Program

Canada Ontario Immigration Agreement

A new COIA will be negotiated early 2011. Details will be available when negotiations are concluded. Government Contact: Government of Canada Stephen Heckbert Director of Communications Office of the Minister Citizenship and Immigration Canada (613) 954-1064 Greg Scott Media Relations Communications Branch Citizenship and Immigration Canada (613) 941-7028 Government of Ontario Danna O’Brien Minister’s Office … Read more Canada Ontario Immigration Agreement

Immigrant Employment Loan Program

The Immigrant Employment Loan Program provides access to credit for newcomers to pay for short-term training (up to 1 year) in order to find employment in their occupation. The maximum loan considered is 5,000, and funds can also cover an assessment of credentials, examination and professional association fees. For more details please visit GOVERNMENT … Read more Immigrant Employment Loan Program

Bridge Training Programs for Internationally Trained Individuals 2008-2009

The Ontario government supports programs that can help newcomers get their license or certificate in their profession or trade so that they can work in Ontario. These programs have been put together by employers, colleges and universities, occupational regulatory bodies, and community organizations. They are called ‘Bridging Programs.’ Each Bridging program is different and may … Read more Bridge Training Programs for Internationally Trained Individuals 2008-2009

Newcomer Settlement Program (NSP)

The goal of the Newcomer Settlement Program (NSP) is to help newcomers fully engage in all aspects of Canadian life; social, economic, political and cultural, and to maximize the benefits of their participation and contribution to Canadian society. To achieve this goal, the NSP focuses on improving the quality and availability of, and access to, … Read more Newcomer Settlement Program (NSP)

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