Youth Entrepreneurship Fund (Youth Investment Accelerator Fund)

Youth IAF

  • Part of Ontario’s Youth Jobs Strategy
  • Apply for investment capital ($100,000- $250,000) to help your business expand
  • Your business must not be beyond the seed capital stage, with revenues under $500,000
  • Strong potential to attract follow-on financing

The Province of Ontario is launching a new fund designed to invest in technology-based startups founded by young entrepreneurs under the age of 30. Called the Youth Investment Accelerator Fund (Youth IAF), it will mirror the Investment Accelerator Fund (IAF) in that it will be designed to accelerate the commercialization of innovative technologies in Ontario.

Technology-based startups from all sectors and regions of Ontario will be eligible for the Youth IAF. In particular, the program will focus on companies that have graduated from recognized accelerator programs within the province and Ontario Universities and colleges, or are enrolled with a Regional Innovation Centre under the ONE program.

The same eligibility criteria will apply to companies applying to the Youth IAF and the IAF, other than:

  • The majority of founders must be under the age of 30 for the Youth IAF
  • The Youth IAF will invest up to $250,000 into eligible companies.

For more information and to apply, please visit

ICE Committee