Ontario Trillium Foundation

The Foundation will support the building of healthy and vibrant communities through community-based initiatives that strengthen the capacity of organizations in the arts and culture, environment, human and social services and sports and recreation sectors.

In particular, the Foundation will place priority on supporting organizations that work in the following areas to help Ontarians achieve their potential:

Enhanced success for students and learners, including community support for people with learning disabilities, early childhood programs, literacy programs, arts education programs, libraries in small communities and homework clubs;

Healthier and more physically active Ontarians, including community sports and recreation, recreation for people with disabilities, coaching programs, health promotion, mental health programs, shelters, food banks and clean environment initiatives;

Enhanced employment and economic potential for workers and their families, including community economic development, energy conservation, job skills for newcomers and refugees and job skills for individuals with disabilities;

More effective volunteers and more people engaged in their communities, including volunteer training, recruitment and retention programs, community leadership development and renewal, celebrating and preserving heritage, mentoring programs, community arts and safe community initiatives.

For more information, visit: www.trilliumfoundation.org/cms/en/html/about/grantingP.aspx?menuid=47

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