The Ontario Skills Passport

The Ontario Skills Passport (or OSP) is a free, bilingual web-based resource that provides clear descriptions of the Essential Skills and work habits important for work, learning and life. Essential Skills are used in virtually all occupations and are the foundation for learning other skills, such as technical skills.

OSP offers numerous resources and tools for learners, job seekers, teachers, literacy practitioners, job developers, employment counsellors and employers that help build competence, confidence and connections.

Learners and job seekers can use the OSP to assess, build and communicate their Essential Skills and work habits and transfer them to work, independent living and further education or training. Employers can use the the OSP to assess and record the demonstration of Essential Skills and work habits in work placements, giving learners and job seekers valuable evidence which they can include in their skills portfolio and résumé. Teachers and literacy practitioners can use the OSP to enhance classroom relevance and engage learners, and they and parents can use it to help learners understand and value their Essential Skills and work habits and make decisions regarding courses, programs, postsecondary pathways and careers. Job developers and employment counsellors can use it to help job seekers assess and build their skills and transfer them to work.

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For more information, please contact:
Chantal Locatelli
Ontario Skills Passport Lead
Senior Policy Adviser
Student Success/Learning to 18
Ontario Ministry of Education
Phone: 416-325-7886
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