River Restaurant

All-A-Board Youth Ventures (AAB) is a non-profit organisation created to provide meaningful employment for youth-at-risk between the ages of 17 and 24. AAB has been in operation for six years, providing on-the-job training for youth at the River Restaurant, a full service restaurant. The River Restaurant provides transitional employment to youth in a sophisticated restaurant setting. All-A-Board Youth has rejuvenated the River Restaurant with the addition of a lounge, which has enabled River to provide twice as many employment opportunities for youth while enhancing skills training in a high-demand area and increasing sales revenue.

Web site: http://www.allaboard.ca/


  • Ministry of Community and Social Services
  • City of Toronto
  • United Way Toronto
Jennifer La Trobe
Managing Director
Joseph Stalteri
Homelessness Partnership Initiative
Federal Government via City of Toronto
(416) 397-1275
Cyril Stickney
(416) 325-5941
ICE Committee