Out of this World Café (OCAB)

Owned and operated by the Ontario Council of Alternative Businesses (OCAB), Out of This World Café is located within the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH)’s Queen Street site, and operates four business units: a café, an espresso bar, a mobile coffee cart, and a catering business. Out of This World Café is the first psychiatric survivor run business in a hospital setting in Canada, with employees taking responsibility for the business. The café provides permanent part-time employment to 40 participants who are patients of CAMH.

Web site: http://www.otwcafe.com/frames.htm


  • Ministry of Community and Social Services
  • City of Toronto
  • United Way Toronto
Becky McFarlane
Co Director


Sally Bryant
City of Toronto
(416) 397-4197


Joseph Stalteri
Homelessness Partnership Initiative
Federal Government via City of Toronto
(416) 397-1275


Cyril Stickney
(416) 325-5941
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