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  • 2011 ICE Inventory – Economic and Labour Force Development in Toronto: An Inventory of Government Programs and Intergovernmental Projects, July 2011



    1.0 The Inventory

    The inventory of economic and labour force development projects in the City of Toronto is an ongoing project of the ICE Committee. The inventory includes over 100 government programs and over 30 intergovernmental projects related to economic and labour force development. The inventory also includes an archive of programs and projects that were in our inventory in previous years and that have been completed, replaced, or no longer have intergovernmental funding.

    Data in the inventory were gathered from members of ICE and other government and community contacts, as well as from Internet research. The inventory is in html format so that programs and projects can be easily accessed on the internet. We update the inventory on an annual basis.

    The purpose of the inventory is to: share information; provide a database of specific programs and projects that people might be interested in; allow the reader to understand the involvement of each order of government in economic and labour force development; and allow the reader to evaluate the gaps, overlaps, and extent of intergovernmental co-ordination. ICE would like to thank Kuziva Ziramba for updating it on an annual basis. ICE would also like to thank Panorama Internet Publishing for putting the inventory on the ICE website.

    2.0 The ICE Committee

    The Intergovernmental Committee for Economic and Labour Force Development in Toronto (ICE) was established in 1997 by officials in the Government of Canada, the Province of Ontario, and the City of Toronto to share information and co-ordinate public sector efforts to support economic and labour force development in Toronto. Membership of ICE includes representatives from Industry Canada, Citizenship and Immigration Canada, Service Canada, the Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities, the Ontario Ministry of Education, the Ontario Ministry of Economic Development and Innovation, the Toronto Employment and Social Services Division, and Economic Development and Culture Division at the City of Toronto.

    3.0 Inventory Criteria

    The following criteria were used in selecting programs and projects to go into the inventory:

    Recognized programs include those from any order of government, government agency, or crown corporation that have a direct connection to economic or labour force development and are applicable to the City of Toronto. These include pilot programs and government-wide initiatives. Excluded are award or scholarship programs, and tax credits.

    4.0 A Guide to the Inventory

    The government program section is organized by order of government (federal, provincial, municipal, and joint-level), and within each order, alphabetically by department/ministry/division. Within each department/ministry/division, the programs that fit the inventory criteria are listed in alphabetical order. For each program, there is a brief description, a contact person, and a link to the website where available.

    The archive section includes those government programs or intergovernmental projects that are either completed, have been replaced, or for which there is no longer funding from two or more orders of government. The archive is in pdf format since many of these entries do not have current contact information or websites.

    The green programs section is in its second year. This part of the inventory includes programs at any order of government that supports green initiatives inlcuding capital investment, conservation, labour force development, and research.

    5.0 Feedback and Follow-up

    The ICE Committee updates the inventory on an annual basis. We would appreciate your feedback both in terms of whether you think this inventory is useful but also in terms of additions and corrections that you think should be made. Every effort has been made to be comprehensive and accurate. If you are aware of any errors or omissions, please let us know. Please send your comments to info@icecommittee.org.

    Last update: August 1, 2011